Chicago Protest Picture 05.18.12

An unidentified protester flies the "Occupy" flag outside One South Dearborn in Chicago's Loop during the May 18 march and protest.



Bike police monitor the protest march on Wacker Drive after an unsuccessful attempt to kettle the protesters on the Michigan Avenue bridge.The number of police and other paramilitary arrayed in downtown Chicago during the May 18th march and protest was substantial. I would guess they numbered well into the hundreds, if not thousands. Some were on Segue scooters.


More police monitor the protesters on Wacker Drive. The protests and march were peaceful. I saw a couple of scuffles between protesters and bike police, and both were instigated (in my view) by the police. However, I saw a couple of instances of protesters trying to provoke police response and, in those instances, the police remained as cool as...well, as cucumbers, I guess. As cool as cucumbers.

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